Mastering kotoba, plain and simple

There are dozens of flashcard programs on the market to improve your Japanese vocabulary.  Many seemingly need a degree in computer engineering to master.  All take time to learn. Most don’t live up to expectation.  Beacon Reports has a useful recommendation for those who simply wish to learn the kotoba without getting bogged down in technology.

Our solution is not feature rich.  Feature rich programs like Anki take a long time to master and are for the technically minded only.  Eductic, on the other hand, does what it says on the tin (no more, no less).  It does so with comparative ease and elegance.   Beacon Reports gives it a 98% score for usability.

Here’s how to get up and running in no time.

Sign up to Quizlet for a free account at   This company was started by a 15 year old kid back in 2005.  He created the service so that he could pass his French exams.  Only millions of people figured out his service was so useful that I doubt he gets much studying done.  Anyway, Quizlet allows you to cut and paste from any spreadsheet program a list of word pairs, e.g. Japanese – English, that then gets stored in the cloud.  Once you’ve uploaded your word pair list, it is dirt simple to download into the Eductic app on your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad.

First, you will need to download the free Eductic app onto your Apple device.  Once installed, use the search feature to find your word pair list on Quizlet’s cloud.  Click download, and you’re done.

Perhaps you are wondering what makes Eductic so special?  There are plenty of flashcard apps on the market.   Beacon Reports has given Eductic a 98% score for usability because the technology does not interfere with the learning process.  There is a neat sliding one button tool that performs all basic functions in the most intuitive way.

If you can’t recall the meaning of a word at all, slide the button all the way left to 0%. Release your finger to advance to the next word.   At 50% ease of recall, a tap of the button in its default position will advance you to the next word.   If you know a word with 100% certainty, slide the button all the way to the right and release.  The program is lightning fast, and the algorithm will repeat the words you need to practice in accordance with your level of recall.  Kana and Kanji is supported.  What could be more simple?

Well, to make things simpler, Beacon Reports has prepared a list of more than 10,000 Japanese – English word pairs in Excel that you can download free here.  The list includes JLPT 1 – 4, along with our simple instructions to get you operational in no time.

Let us know if you find our recommendation useful.

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  1. Great to know about Quizlet.
    I am also enjoying, it’s pretty easy to use and it has a quiz to place you that I think was pretty accurate, at least in my case.

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