Revealing Contemporary Japan


Martin Schulz – “I had the great pleasure of meeting Richard (Editor-in-Chief) for an interview, which gave me an idea about why he is so popular, and how he works on his brilliant Beacon Reports. He arrived with a clear-cut idea and a full set of background research but wasn’t looking for soundbites. He followed the arguments, and later developed them into a rounded story, well beyond of what most journalists (and certainly I) could have achieved.”

Nick Benes – “Richard is a thorough, detail-focused author and editor who insists on understanding a topic deeply before he writes and publishes about it. I admire his style and professional ethics.”

John Durkin – “Richard is the inspiration and power behind Beacon Reports. His insights on Japan are valuable and I also look forward to reading his commentary. I write this recommendation because I would like to see Richard get a wider readership, which is well deserved due to the quality of his reporting.”

Hardy Kagimoto, MD – “Solomon provides well-structured, clear and informative insights about Japanese business through his useful cross-industry and people orientated newsletter, Beacon Reports.”

David Asher, D.Phil. – “Beacon Reports is a breath of fresh air and insight on each topic they cover. Richard Solomon is one of the most talented interviewers around and has a knack for looking beyond the conventional questions of the day to probe deeply beyond where others in the media dare to delve. Readers appreciate his depth of knowledge, insight, and foresight. Among policy makers as well as normal people who give a care, it is a unique and respected service as a result. Thank you!”

Hiro Maeda – “On the ground real-time information on what’s going on with Japan entrepreneurship. Richard goes really in depth with each person he features.”

Kazumasa Oguro, Economist – “Beacon Reports widely covers the politics and the economy of Japan. Readers can quickly gain a true and deeper understanding of these topics than is possible from regular newspapers and magazines.”

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