Language startup rises to cloud nine

Widespread availability of Internet broadband and software innovation are transforming the once stodgy business of language education. Leading the charge in Japan are two Japanese-American brothers, John Hideyoshi Martyn and Billy Kosuke Martyn.

The brothers want to reduce the many hours per week that language teachers spend on managing assignments, grading, and keeping track of student progress. Their early stage Internet startup, called Language Cloud, aims to be the first comprehensive learning management system to help teachers easily manage assignments and classes in the cloud.

It sounds like an audacious mission, until you learn that Cambridge University Press, and professors at Sophia University and Tokyo University are partnering with Language Cloud. In November 2012, John Martyn received the ACCJ Director’s Award for entrepreneurship. That caught people’s attention….. click to continue reading at The Japan Times

blurbLanguage Cloud’s investors include Digital Garage, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. and 500 Startups



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