Japan’s looming problem

Japan's looming problem

The above illustrates the financial crisis looming on Japan’s horizon. It was provided to Beacon Reports by ex-MOF economist Kazumasa Oguro who believes that Keynesian measures under ‘Abenomics’ will not prevent a financial crisis in Japan. His thoughts are summarized in the article titled, “Abenomics will only heighten the financial tsunami poised to hit Japan” published in the Nikkei Asian Review here.


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One comment to “Japan’s looming problem”
  1. In an economy like Japan’s, only the financial industry can cause a financial crisis, no?

    As long as the financial industry is properly and strictly regulated, as in Canada, then the likelihood of financial crises is really low.

    The fiscal situation becomes a risk only when you’re heavily indebted to foreigners or you’re part of a poorly conceived currency experiment, as with Greece.

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