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「愛国心」育成狙う日本政府の危うい教育方針 (Yuki Honda/Jeff Kingston)Toyo Keizai21-April-18
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「見た目外国人」の日本人親子を苦しめる誤解 (Noah's Question)Toyo Keizai19-Dec-17
A son echoes his father’s questions about identity in JapanThe Japan Times16-Nov-17
北朝鮮にとってトランプは「都合のいい男」だ (Brad Glosserman)Toyo Keizai7-Nov-17
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BOJ 'normalization' rides on consolidationThe Japan Times2-Sept-17
日本企業は、なぜこんなにM&Aが下手なのか (Akira Kurabayashi)Toyo Keizai1-Aug-17
Make Japan Inc great againThe Japan Times29-July-17
日本人リーダーに最も欠けている「視点」 (Philippe Grall)Toyo Keizai23-July-17
日本の「非効率な医療現場」は外国人が変える (Dr. Marty Roberts)Toyo Keizai15-Jul-17
今の日本だと「同一労働同一賃金」はスベる (Prof. Shigeo Kashiwagi)Toyo Keizai7-Jul-17
Ex-BOJ member says government must allay pension jitters before Japan can reflate economyThe Japan Times23-Mar-17
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StartEd offers a legal leg-up for tech startups
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