What will ignite growth in Japan?

Danny Risberg, Chairman of both the European Business Council in Japan and of Philips Electronics Japan, Ltd, wants Japanese to become fast, smart and independent decision makers. “Japan is a great place with great people and great technology. It’s ready. It’s right. It’s ready to explode,” he says… “But, it just hasn’t gone there yet.” Risberg, a Japanese-American ‘hafu’ who hails from California, explains.

Danny Risberg

Japanese like to think, he says. They carefully review all options before making decisions. Having done so, they’ll go back to thinking about what to do some more. Then they repeat the process—several times over. After a further review, finally everyone agrees. A decision is made. They discuss a new set of rules for everyone to follow. “Once everything is decided, they do it. And they’ll keep doing it for a long, long time,” he says. If only they would think less and do more in a virtuous loop of thinking, doing, learning, fixing and rethinking, the nation would become fast and nimble.

This holds true for Japanese entrepreneurs, many who….. continue reading at The Japan Times.


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